Jazz Vespers

St. Albans Congregational Church brings to life the rich musical legacy of the historic Addisleigh Park/St. Albans neighborhood. In 2003, Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Henry T. Simmons envisioned Jazz Communion Vespers as the connection between our neighborhood's important music history and the spiritual needs of our community today.

Come As You Are - Leave Inspired

We believe music heals and uplifts the soul, fulfilling this promise through Jazz Communion Vespers. This one-of-a-kind jazz service brings the good news and teachings of Jesus to everyone through a creative blend of music, Scripture, and reflection.

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Our Communion Table

Jazz Vespers is on the first Saturday of every month, bringing world-renowned jazz artists to the public. Vespers begins in the early evening, making it an accessible option for seniors and those with schedules that make it difficult to attend Sunday services. This non-traditional, interactive worship service is also a perfect introduction to jazz for young people. There is never an admission charge, but your generous donations help us to continue offering top-flight musical experiences to all.